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Why Choose to Vote Electronically?

Nowadays, there are so many things we can do online. We can shop, participate in social media, and even work remotely.  So, why wouldn’t we also vote online? Although we cannot officially vote online for elections, we can use online voting tools to make elections within a small or medium-sized organization easier. If you haven’t consider internet voting before, here are some of the reasons why e-voting may be a good option for you.

Vote at Any Time from Anywhere

The biggest convenience of electronic voting is the ability to cast your ballot anywhere and at any time. Unfortunately today’s living and tight working schedules don’t leave us much free time. Many times, an individual would like to vote but they simply can’t make it due to family or job obligations.

If you give members of your organization a chance to cast a vote in just a few minutes from the comfort of their home, they will definitely appreciate it. Unlike traditional voting, internet voting only requires your voters to have a stable internet connection and a smartphone or a computer. With online voting registration, casting a ballot has never been easier.

Boost Participation

As we mentioned above, giving the members of your organization the ability to vote from the comfort of their home will be appreciated. As a result, casting ballots online will definitely boost the participation in your elections.

If you know there are some members of your association that cannot vote online, you don’t have to worry about losing their participation. Opting for electronic voting solutions doesn’t mean you have to completely discard traditional voting methods. If you choose the right online voting system provider, you will be able to run a hybrid election. Hybrid election allows you satisfy the needs of all voting groups. If you have some older people in your association, they may prefer to cast their ballot in the traditional way. On the other side, internet voting will be more appealing to young adults.

Affordable for Every Budget

Running online elections is much cheaper than traditional voting. Internet voting doesn’t require from you to have a vast physical infrastructure in order to conduct the election. You also won’t need paper, printing or staff to monitor the entire process and ensure the integrity of your election is not compromised.

Rich Ballots

The power of internet and linking allows your ballot to be richer and provide useful information to the voters. For example, you can include links to video, show images of different candidates, link to articles and so on. You can’t do this with traditional voting solutions. The best thing about making your ballots richer is that it won’t cost you more.

Fast and Easy Votes Tally

Another major convenience of using e-voting systems is that tally is run by machines. This way you will ensure there is no human error. The results of your elections will also be available faster. If you are looking for a way to bring your elections to the next level, consider implementing online voting registration into your organization.